What is the Landing?

The Landing is an all-new, year-long program that helps middle-school and high-school students (ages 12-18 and 6th-12th grade) travel the path to freedom, healing, and wholeness. This dynamic resource mirrors the content presented in the adult  Celebrate Recovery Program.

How does it work?

The Landing meets every Tuesday  from 7:00-9:00pm, while the large and small group sessions of Celebrate Recovery are meeting. To participate, just show up at a meeting! 

The Landing is not a lecture-style resource. It’s designed to get teenagers talking about and exploring new ways of thinking and doing. Weekly lessons follow a schedule that includes worship, small groups, games, teaching times, videos and other activities. Every lesson closes with a time of commitment, reflection, or worship—and the Serenity Prayer. The kids will also learn to use Student Journals to help get in touch with their feelings and record their thoughts.

The Landing gives teenagers:

  • Hope – for all the amazing things God has in store for them.
  • Truths – that help them overcome life’s challenges and develop wisdom by learning to lean on Jesus.
  • Joy – as they embark on an exciting year-long journey of engaging videos, meaningful experiences, vibrant worship, and great conversation.
  • Friendships with other teenagers. The Landing is designed to lead young people in making Jesus the foundation of their lives, avoiding or breaking cycles of dysfunction, and experiencing God’s incredible forgiveness and healing.